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Radiological Cross-Sectional Anatomy

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  • An exciting new resource for anyone involved in interpretation of radiological scans
  • The disk gives you access to thousands of clear and accurate images, in an intuitive digital format, providing the user with an invaluable aid to cross section anatomy, CT and MRI interpretation and a stunning 3D anatomy image library.
  • View hundreds of clear and accurate 3D anatomy images of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis. Add and remove layers, rotate and label any structure with the click of a mouse.
  • In the cross sectional anatomy section, use advanced functionality to select a region, modality, plane and contrast then scroll through labeled cross sections and compare with CT scans of the whole trunk, thorax, abdomen and pelvis or MRI of the male and female pelvis.
  • Label any structure on either the cross section or the scans and follow through all the available slices using your mouse.
  • Structures labels are clearly mapped in 2D, rather than just pointed to give the structure circumference. You can also view the structure labels as a color overlay.
Radiology Section:
Multi-detector CT
Choose to view CT of the whole trunk, chest, abdomen or pelvis in axial, sagittal or coronal planes and at 1.5mm slices.
Includes over 300 labeled structures Choice of 3 CT contrasts – bones, 
Female Pelvis MRI in T1 and T2 at 5mm slices.
Male Pelvis MRI in T1 and T2 at 5mm slices.
3D Anatomy:
Female Pelvis
Male Pelvis
Technical Specification:
Requires an internet connection.
Recommended web browsers:
Internet Explorer 7 + (Windows)
Firefox 2 (on Windows)
Safari (Mac)
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