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3D Anatomy MSK Ultrasound

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  • An essential digital resource for anyone using or training to use MSK ultrasound. These intuitive resources provide a unique guide to interpretation of anatomy on ultrasound scans, orientation and diagnosis of musculoskeletal upper and lower limb conditions and injuries.
  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality.
  • Anatomically accurate interactive and detailed 3D model allows you to rotate or tip to view structures and understand their position and relationships more easily.
  • Innovative interactive imaging section allows you to compare labelled cross sectional anatomy with comparable ultrasound scans and MRIs in a variety of planes and slices. The position of the ultrasound transducer is indicated on the anatomy cross section and is linked to the correlating ultrasound image which shows in the right viewing panel. Clicking on the transducer position will reveal text covering correct technique and examples of common conditions specific to that position.  You can correlate the 3D cross sections with labelled MRI scans in the axial, coronal and sagittal planes.
  • Stunning multi-media animations and text explanations help you interpret and gain confidence using ultrasound for accurate and efficient diagnosis of many commonly presenting conditions. 
Technical Specification:
Requires an internet connection.
Recommended web browsers:
Internet Explorer 7 + (Windows)
Firefox 2 (on Windows)
Safari (Mac)
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