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Arthroscopy Model of the Knee-Joint

Made in Germany

  • The model is made of a smooth cutaneous and muscular cover in which the bones of the knee-joint are embedded. 
  • The anterior outer cover has four access points to the articular internal area, two lateral, one central and one medial opening. 
  • The arthroscopy model has one lateral and one medial access to the posterior recess. 
  • The Hoffa's fat body is shown and can be taken off and replaced by an adhesive catch. 
  • The internal and external menisci are anchored by plug-in threads and can be easily exchanged and replaced. 
  • The ligamentous apparatus i.e. the lateral ligaments and the cruciate ligaments are represented nearly true-to-nature. 
  • An easy exchange of the ligaments is possible because of the screw and plug-in joints. 
  • The patellar ligament is shown and the patella can be exchanged. 
  • After removal of the cutaneous-muscular covers one can use the bones with the ligaments as a functional knee-joint model. 
  • The mounting support at the thigh is suitable for mounting in an operating vice. 
  • The cutaneous and muscular covers are kept in place by four synthetic screws.