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Paracentesis Trainer

Made in UK

  • This trainer fulfils the fundamental component of core medical training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of Paracentesis. Both landmark and ultrasound guided techniques can be practised.
  • It features ultrasound capabilities, and internal echogenic anatomy to allow trainees to become familiar with anatomy under ultrasound. Recognising how to safely insert a needle or catheter into the peritoneal cavity. 
  • Torso featuring bony landmarks and umbilicus
  • Internal anatomy includes:
    • Liver
    • Spleen
    • Bowel
    • Floating Bowel
  • Realistic tissue and needle response
  • Landmark or ultrasound techniques can be practiced (side by side)
  • Internal echogenic anatomy to allow recognition of landmarks under ultrasound
  • Two 3.5 litre chambers can be filled with water for practise drainage
  • Cost effective consumable pads
  • Self sealing pads withstand up to 200 needle or up to 100 rocket catheter insertions
  • Ability to insert and remove drain
  • Positions both supine and lying on side
  • Latex free
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


  • Paracentesis Skin
  • Paracentesis Pads (x2) 
  • Paracentesis Liver
  • Paracentesis Spleen
  • Paracentesis Bowel Insert
  • Paracentesis Floating Bowel
  • Paracentesis Clamping Frame
  • Paracentesis Large Volume Refill System
  • Base Unit
  • Funnel
  • Carry Case 


Paracentesis Trainer

  • Familiarity with the abdominal regions and underlying anatomy
  • Palpation of anatomical landmarks
  • Identification of excess fluid
  • Using ultrasound guidance, trainees can visualize the insertion site and check for vital organs beneath
  • Insertion of needle into the peritoneal cavity for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes
  • Professional-to-patient communication
  • Paracentesis Pads (x2)