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3D Human Anatomy: Regional Edition

DVD-ROM (Made in UK)

  • Highly detailed, labeled anatomy in 3D from head to foot with extensive anatomy text and links to many additional images and video clips.
  • Built from real anatomy data, each model has a choice of 3D views with interactive functions so you can fully rotate any model 360 degrees, add and remove layers of anatomy from skin to bone and label any structure.
  • Simple edit functions allow you to copy, paste or print any image or animation to use in your own educational presentations and handouts royalty free (for noncommercial, private use).
  • In addition to the interactive 3D models, you can also compare labeled cross sections of the 3D anatomy models to MRI in 3 planes and many layers.
  • Other anatomy content includes high resolution dissection slides, annotated diagrams, clinical slides and animations.
  • Comprising 9 highly detailed and interactive anatomy models, this comprehensive 3D anatomy atlas and image library includes:
Interactive Head & Neck
All structures and musculature of the head and neck are covered in detailed 3D.
Choose from anatomy views including detailed models of the head, neck and face and individual views of the pharynx, larynx, anterior neck and the basic structure of eyes, ears, gums, teeth and craniofacial region.
All structures have accompanying text and links to additional images and video clips clinical slides, X-Rays, high resolution dissection slides, surface anatomy video clips and 10 function animations showing of the TMJ.
Interactive Spine
3D models include all individual anatomical features of the entire vertebral column – choose views of the entire spine or focus on the vertebral column, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacral spine, spinal cord or surface features and bone regions.
Interactive Shoulder
A choice of 3D models includes all areas of the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle.
In collaboration with Johns Hopkins University there are a remarkable series of biomechanical animations showing the relative bone positions during a number of typical joint motions.
Interactive Hand
View all anatomy from the elbow downwards in detailed 3D; elbow, forearm, hand, wrist and palm, digits and brachial plexus. The title also covers an extensive list of animations including abduction/adduction of the MCP Joints, flexion/extension of the individual fingers,  flexion/extension of the wrist, radial and ulnar deviation of the wrist and protraction/retraction of the scapula.
Interactive Thorax & Abdomen
View clear and accurate 3D modeling of the key anatomy of the thorax and abdomen. Choose from highly detailed and labeled views of the thorax, abdomen, internal organs (heart, lungs, intestines, diaphragm and liver), surface features and bone regions.
Interactive Pelvis & Perineum
Covering both male and female anatomy, view all anatomy relevant to the pelvis and perineum.
3D models include all individual anatomical features of the pelvis and perineum and internal organs of the reproductive and urinary
systems, including the rectum and kidneys.
Interactive Hip
View clear, detailed and accurate 3D modeling of the key anatomy of the hip and acetabulum. Choose from hundreds of highly detailed and labeled views of the hip joint, pelvis, thigh, lumbar plexus, sacral and coccygeal plexuses, surface features and bone regions.
Interactive Knee
The Interactive Knee presents full knee anatomy in three dimensions. The model is based on a very high resolution interactively labeled MR.
Views include an overview and close up of the knee, knee joint, popliteal fossa and tibial menisei.
The disc also contains spectacular animations that feature a biomechanical model of the knee in 3D and coverage of surgical procedures which include ACL and PCL ligament reconstruction, meniscus tears and their repair.
Interactive Foot & Ankle
View the foot, ankle and lower leg in detailed 3D with this teaching, training and reference tool. 3D models include all individual anatomical features of the leg below the knee, including leg, ankle, foot (covering the heel, tarsus and metatarsus, toes and sole
dissection), bone regions and surface features. Peel away layers of anatomy from skin to bone and rotate the model at any stage to view and identify any anatomical structure.
Technical Specification:
Requires an internet connection.
Recommended web browsers:
Internet Explorer 7 + (Windows)
Firefox 2 (on Windows)
Safari (Mac)
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